Travis Pittman (tjpittman)

Welcome to my photo website. Please feel free to browse the galleries within this website. You are welcome to copy images from this site for your personal use however the maximum image size you can get this way is approx. 0.7 mega-pixels (mp). If you need larger images (up to 10.1mp) or want commercially printed copies then you must purchase the images (for print or download) using this website's Shopping Cart (click the 'Buy' button for more details). All purchased images are royalty-free and come with an unlimited perpetual use license. However purchasing the photos does not entitle the buyer to ownership of the photos and the copyright and ownership of the images remains exclusively with the photographer. If you wish to discuss an alternative purchase arrangement, please contact me via email at or via phone on +852 90426846. Photography Services - If you are looking for a photographer for a sports event, portrait or pet shots, please contact me via phone or email to discuss your needs. Please allow at least one week's notice for any photography booking. All photos on this site are the copyright of © Travis Pittman.